Size and Stock Returns, and Other Empirical Regularities

G. William Schwert

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627
and National Bureau of Economic Research

Journal of Financial Economics, 12 (May 1983) 3-12

The recent plethora of papers documenting size, turn-of-the-year and earnings/price ratio 'effects' on stock returns represents an unusual coincidence of interest among a broad group of financial economists. This special issue of the Journal of Financial Economics contains some of the papers on the 'size effect' and other empirical regularities. These introductory remarks surey the papers in this issue, as well as some related papers, and attempt to put the research on the size effect in perspective.

Key words: Size effect, E/P effect, Turn-of-the-year effect

JEL Classifications: G12, G14

Cited 108 times in the SSCI and SCOPUS through 2020
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